How Can Modern Technology Help Fix Common Issues and Ensure Better Safety for Seniors?

How Can Modern Technology Help Fix Common Issues and Ensure Better Safety for Seniors?

Poor eyesight

Large watches with large numbers, special phones “for grandmothers” with large buttons and large print are all well known. But modern technologies make it possible to dial a number using a voice, whereas e-books with Text-to-speech technology can help diversify leisure activities for an elderly person.

Bad hearing

Hearing aids are not everything, and they can not help everyone. And again modern technologies come to the rescue. Fitness bracelets are not only fashionable toys for young people. Connected to mobile, they vibrate when an incoming call or SMS arrives on the device. A doorbell can be replaced with a special “smart” wireless device which can transmit a signal to the mobile phone. However, young family members will have to tune all these smart systems.

Kitchen safety

Older people often complain of weakness and problems with holding objects – in the kitchen, it can be very dangerous. A special bending stand for the kettle allows you to pour hot liquid from the kettle without being afraid to drop it from your hands and burn yourself.

A cutting board for one-handed use is useful regardless of whether both limbs function equally well or not. By the way, you can also find special boards with clips in which you can fasten and quietly open the cans with a screw cap without worrying that it slips out of your hands and breaks.

Problems with taking medication

Older people are constantly forced to take a lot of pills. Elderly people are also likely to forget the time to take their medications. If a medication is taken in an inadequate amount by the elderly, it can badly harm the already not perfect health of the senior. Plastic pill boxes are relatively inexpensive, and, depending on the design, allow you to split drugs not only for breakfast, lunch, and dinner but also by day. More “advanced” devices can beep when it is the right time to take pills and give a suitable set of medicines.

Sanitary facilities

For this, you can arrange the handrails on the walls of the toilet so that the elderly person can comfortably use them. Also, a special toilet nozzle with handrails can make the process easier for the elderly.

Many older people often have to get up at night due to kidney disease, bladder or prostate adenoma. If going to the toilet at night turns into a test, a portable bio-toilet or a special sanitary chair can help. Their prices are about the same, so personal considerations may come into play.

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