How seniors on a tight budget can get help with medication cost?

How seniors on a tight budget can get help with medication cost?

To lead a proper and healthy life, we often take the help of medication but if we look at the trends in the past few years on the medication cost, it shows constant increase in the cost. It becomes more prominent concern for seniors who have tight finance situation because it is the age when one attracts more chronic illness and is prone to most of the health related problems. And then we start worrying which is of course not a solution. In this article we will help you with some information that will help you in maintaining your medication cost without worrying about your finance condition.

What leads to the increase in medication cost?

There are numerous factors responsible for the raise in medication cost. Some of the most important factors are:

  1. Increase in prescription drug prices: it is one of the most important reasons for the increase in drug prices.
  2. High premium health insurance
  3. High deductibles health Plan
  4. Delayed access to health care.

How you can get help with medication cost?

There are numerous things that you can do to budget your medication cost without hampering your finance conditions.

  1. Choosing the best medicine can help you a lot. You can ask to your doctor to prescribe generic medicine rather than a branded medicine; basically there are two types of medicines:

Generic medicines: these are medicines with the same active ingredients as the branded medicines have, and the qualities of active ingredients are also the same. Hence it has the same effect on the body in terms of curing the condition for which the medicine was taken. Only difference here is the difference in inactive ingredients- which are responsible for taste, smell etc. These medicines are manufactured after patents for these medicines expire. These are the copies of original branded- medicines. Hence these medicines are sold at cheaper prices in the markets.

Brand-named medicines: since these medicines are manufactured after research by the parent companies themselves- they are sold relatively at higher prices and sometime these medicines are very expensive. But the effects of these drugs on body are same

  • Choosing right health insurance premium: you should be careful while choosing the premium of health insurance. You should choose the premium according to your needs and you should be careful while you receive the bills. Peruse the bills; contact your insurance provider if there is any error.
  • Regular health check-up; this can help you in detecting the problems in the initial phase which will definitely help you in the treatment for that problem at miniscule cost.
  • Compare drugs prices online; this way you will be getting the drugs at discounted price and you can also check for any discount available in your local markets. It definitely can help managing your finance.

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