Will The Benefits of Medigap Be Lower In The Coming Years?

Will The Benefits of Medigap Be Lower In The Coming Years?

A topic that was in the front burner and before Congress was a budget proposal sponsored by a congress committee. There was a continued conversation about the reduction in insurance available through Medigap plans, in an attempt to reduce the federal budget deficit in the next 10 years by a minimum of US $1.2 billion. According to the Congressional Budget Office, this proposal has come from studies which revealed that Medigap plan holders tend to abuse Medicare instead of beneficiaries of the original Medicare. The real problem here is the term “overuse.”

People with a Medigap plan are insured for more medical care than people who only have Medicare. People are more inclined to use the services paid for by insurance than to buy a plan for which they are responsible for paying most of the time. In this economy, many people cannot pay for medical care, of course, people who have insurance through Medigap use more medical care. One way to reduce federal spending could be to reduce the obvious.

What is the number of owners of Medigap plans affected?

Nearly 9 million Medicare beneficiaries are concluding Medicare with a Medigap plan to protect themselves from co-payment, deductibles, and co-insurance that Medicare requires. This is, however, where the problem emanates. According to some lawmakers in Washington, if consumers are protected from the real costs of healthcare, they are more likely to use more expensive health services. As a result, this increases the total cost of Medicare. As a result, lawmakers are considering asking people with Medigap to pay more for their medical treatment to reduce the federal budget deficit.

The question is raised about which services will be reduced. It is common knowledge that doctors and hospitals tend to make a mistake by not risking legal action. Most people already have directives about the end of life to avoid being kept alive in a vegetative state that has no real meaning. If these are the types of medical help that Congress wants to end, many people will accept that.On the other hand, an opposition must arise if the United States Congress is discussing discouraging procedures that can increase the lives of worthy people.

Medicare supplemental insurance reduces opposition

According to Florida vice-curator for insurance, Mary Beth Senkewicz, the increased cost sharing for Medigap plan holders would be a violation of state and federal laws that require guaranteed renewable benefits. He added that this would lead to “great confusion”, especially for people who depend on Medigap coverage to protect them from unforeseen medical costs.The potential limitation of insurance can deter people from obtaining the necessary medical treatment. In addition, the National Association of Bipartisan Insurance Commissioners wrote a letter to oppose these changes.The super committee had time until November 23, 2011 to conclude on a deficit reduction plan. The congress had one month to study the plan and vote on the agreement of the super committee. Among the changes, Medicare Supplement Plans 2019 insurance is more important? In an unpredictable economy, with uncertainty about what is to come to the Medicare program, it will not be out of place to guarantee the greatest possible number of medical expenses with insurance.

Understand The Eligibility for Medicare

Understand The Eligibility for Medicare

Questions about Medicare are continually being asked. Eligibility, premium and insurance are the most conversed topics in the mouth of many people. Eligibility is a problem in itself. Many people assume that the only conditions to benefit from the benefits of Medicare are that they become of age sixty-five. However, this is not true. This write-up will assist you to comprehend the rules for eligibility so you can easily tell if you are insured by the plans to qualify for the additional Medicare and Medigap benefits.The first group of people to be examined is the group of adults 65 years of age or older. The age of 65 is a qualifying age; however, there are other requirements that must be met to get Medicare government assistance. You must either be a legal resident or a US citizen. You must also show that you have lived in the United States for a minimum of 5 years. It is also important to keep in mind that when you are in a Medicare covered job, you will be covered by Medicare for a minimum of 10 years.

If you think you are eligible for all three guidelines, you will probably receive a Medicare card and a package by mail before you turn 65. This will show what Medicare is, what it offers and how to use it for your health care needs. You will automatically receive Medicare Part A and Part B. Part B may be rejected because it is optional and requires one premium each month.If you are below age sixty-five, you may qualify for Medicare benefits under certain circumstances. One is when you have kidney failure. If you are under age 65, a kidney condition will entitle you to Medicare benefits. Another reason why Medicare’s rating is less than 65 is now when social security income has been enjoyed for twenty-four months.

Medicare does not offer perfect coverage but  Medicare Supplement Plans 2019 are the way to go so get one at https://www.bestmedicaresupplementplans2019.com/. It does not provide coverage for all medical expenses. That’s why it’s so important to examine Medigap’s various supplemental insurance when you finally qualify for coverage. Medicare does not cover prescriptions and requires payment of co-payments and premiums. Additional supplemental insurance plan will aid in filling the loopholes left by the Medicare plan.There are several items that are not insured under Medicare Part A and Part B. Below is an example of items that are not covered and additional coverage should be selected if they are essential to your well being, both financially and healthily.

One type of alternative medicine not covered is acupuncture. Acupuncture is a treatment that helps treat discomfort by inserting fine needles strategically placed throughout the body.Dental care is a very important part of the aging process and is not part of Medicare. It is advisable, if your dental history is a little shorter than stellar, you are looking for supplemental insurance to fill the gap in the Medicare program. Chiropractic is also something that many seniors trust and are not covered by politics.

How to choose a perfect assisted home health care service for your senior?

How to choose a perfect assisted home health care service for your senior?

At one point or the other, you may be faced with the need to place your aged loved one in an elderly home care facility. This can pose a challenge especially as there are so many things one ought to consider. Choice is a matter of importance here. A good home care facility should ooze comfort and feel like home to the seniors that inhabits it. Here are some essential tips on what to look out for when looking for a suitable home care service facility for your elderly one:

  • Check out for their level of customization

Why does customization matter in this case? Many people see adult care services as a means of ‘aging in a place’. When there is no in-home elder care, the only option left may be to move the senior into an assisted or nursing care facility. Given the fact that each senior have their personal choices and preferences, it is important that care be personalized for each individual client. While some home care providers offer only limited control and flexibility, some other elder care agencies give the elderly ones many choices allowing them a wide range of customized care. Looking at it as an outsider, it may not make much sense to you but for the seniors, it makes a great difference. Who wouldn’t want to continue with their preferred way of life, eating their favorite meals, going for social outings and engaging in activities they have always loved doing?

With  customized elder care service, the clients get to dictate the key aspects of their care. In this way, your loved elderly one gets to build care around their already existing lifestyle, receiving care based on their own schedule and personal preferences. With customization of the home care service, your loved one doesn’t just continue living in a home , they also continue to live on their terms.

  • Health care

Senior home care services are meant to provide quality health care services for their clients as well. They should employ the service of a certified nurse or other professional healthcare providers. Depending on the level of health care needed, there may be need for them to enlist the service of a higher health care personnel.

  • Meal planning

What is the quality of food served there? Seniors need nutritious and well balanced meals and 2019 medicare advantage plans for their health and strength. Hence, their meal ought to be well planned.

  • State of the environment

Find out the safety of the environment. Is it kept neat? Are there rooms properly equipped? Do they have event centers? These are things you should know, after all your elderly one needs all they comfort they can get at this point in their life.

How seniors on a tight budget can get help with medication cost?

How seniors on a tight budget can get help with medication cost?

To lead a proper and healthy life, we often take the help of medication but if we look at the trends in the past few years on the medication cost, it shows constant increase in the cost. It becomes more prominent concern for seniors who have tight finance situation because it is the age when one attracts more chronic illness and is prone to most of the health related problems. And then we start worrying which is of course not a solution. In this article we will help you with some information that will help you in maintaining your medication cost without worrying about your finance condition.

What leads to the increase in medication cost?

There are numerous factors responsible for the raise in medication cost. Some of the most important factors are:

  1. Increase in prescription drug prices: it is one of the most important reasons for the increase in drug prices.
  2. High premium health insurance
  3. High deductibles health Plan
  4. Delayed access to health care.

How you can get help with medication cost?

There are numerous things that you can do to budget your medication cost without hampering your finance conditions.

  1. Choosing the best medicine can help you a lot. You can ask to your doctor to prescribe generic medicine rather than a branded medicine; basically there are two types of medicines:

Generic medicines: these are medicines with the same active ingredients as the branded medicines have, and the qualities of active ingredients are also the same. Hence it has the same effect on the body in terms of curing the condition for which the medicine was taken. Only difference here is the difference in inactive ingredients- which are responsible for taste, smell etc. These medicines are manufactured after patents for these medicines expire. These are the copies of original branded- medicines. Hence these medicines are sold at cheaper prices in the markets.

Brand-named medicines: since these medicines are manufactured after research by the parent companies themselves- they are sold relatively at higher prices and sometime these medicines are very expensive. But the effects of these drugs on body are same

  • Choosing right health insurance premium: you should be careful while choosing the premium of health insurance. You should choose the premium according to your needs and you should be careful while you receive the bills. Peruse the bills; contact your insurance provider if there is any error.
  • Regular health check-up; this can help you in detecting the problems in the initial phase which will definitely help you in the treatment for that problem at miniscule cost.
  • Compare drugs prices online; this way you will be getting the drugs at discounted price and you can also check for any discount available in your local markets. It definitely can help managing your finance.

Here in this article we have shared how you can get 2019 medicare advantage plans help at https://www.medicareadvantageplans2019.orgthe medication cost even if you are at a tight-budget and not financially strong.

Choosing best seniors’ travel destinations

Choosing best seniors’ travel destinations

Retirement is the best time for exploring the world. It is the best time for completing the dreams of visiting different places. There are a number of places to visit across the globe of which some of the most liked destinations are mentioned below:

Miami Beach, Florida

Miami Beach is best for seniors who want warmth, sunshine, beautiful stretches of sand and plenty of culture. The city has got a lot of things to offer every traveller. The city has endless picturesque beaches, a beachfront luxury resort and is home to a multitude of fantastic beaches. Fairchild tropical botanical garden is one of the country’s biological spot. One can get the aesthetic beauty of taxonomically arranged and well documented tropical plants mainly palm, cycads, flowering trees and shrubs, vine and fruit trees. There are a number of documented plant specimen that has been collected since the late 1930s. 

Rajasthan, India

Music, dance, forts, sand dunes, rural villages, pretty jewellers and great food are the things that make Rajasthan one of the most visited places for seniors all over the world. It’s great travel for seniors option. The hectic nature of travel to explore the beauty of the city. There are a number of high budgets stay option to give you a royal feeling.

Nevis, Caribbean

The Caribbean is one of the most suited option for travel for seniors. There are a number of islands to escape and enjoy the tropical getaway in the Caribbean. If you want to have a beautiful and peaceful vacation without sleep interrupting celebration than Nevis is the best option. It is Caribbean’s greenest island with lust, breath-taking scenery and uncrowded white sand beaches. Seniors can have a taste of the fabulous dishes, which is a fusion of African, American and European cuisine. If you are a golfer then it is a heaven for you as it has one of the world’s most scenic courses with oceanside holes.    


For senior citizens, Italy is a good choice of vacation as it is rich in art and museums. Travel for seniors is easy in Italy by taxi. However, walking is best if you want to explore the surrounding. There are many roadside cafes, where you can sit enjoying the drink. Plenty of discounts in winter attract many travellers.


Travel for seniors has been appreciated by modern society in recent years as a sign of fulfilling the dreams of people and should include 2019 medicare advantage plans from https://www.medicareadvantageplans2019.org

7 Ways to travel more in retirement

7 Ways to travel more in retirement

Retirement brings a wholesome time which can be utilised well to making a life worth living. Of all the retirements plan travel is considered the best. Most of the seniors prefer to pass their time travelling across the globe. Though the expenses of your travel will relatively affect your budget. Travel for seniors after retirement can be made easy if you can follow these basic tips and tricks:

  1. Look for other sources to travel

Many of the established online travel websites boast about providing you with the cheapest fares for travel and accommodation. But in reality, they offer you the lowest fares from other websites. It would be a smart choice to look for travel options offline. You can consider contacting a travel agent for more comfortable travel.

  • Use your flexibility

Retirees have an advantage in travel over other age groups because of their flexibility. This means that they are not confined to travel in a particular time period. This will help them in choosing the right time to travel when the prices are down.

  • Look for discounts

Travel for seniors is getting easier as they are getting various types of discount. There are many travel companies that offer their own discounts which are free to access. Some organisation offers you an annual subscription package and provide their member with hot deals on hotels, cruises etc.

  • Look beyond the views of others

Always look for a suburban hotel as the accommodation fare would be cheaper than the central city hotels with the same facilities. Travel for senior revolves about getting a cheaper stay. As you would be exploring the city most of the time, it would save you some money.

  • Plan for longer trips

The longer your trip may be the cheaper the cost gets. For longer stays, many hotels offer a discount than the regular one. You can use your flexibility to get some discounts.

  • House swapping

There are certain websites that allow you to exchange your houses with another traveller. This is one of the best travel for seniors options by which you can save some money and avoiding house sitting.

  • Joining a club

Travel for seniors has been growing since the establishment of many clubs. Clubs or organisation offers you travel benefits on annual subscription fees. Make sure your travel agent knows about your joining or membership of an organisation for more discounts.

4 No-Cost Ways To Make Money After Retirement

4 No-Cost Ways To Make Money After Retirement

They say that you need to use money to make money. Well, not always. If you are retired, and you are looking for some creative ways to make money without actually using any coin, then here are some no-cost ways to do just that.

  1. Animal caretaker

Do you love animals? If yes, then you can take advantage of that and make some good money by taking care of animals and pets. From dog walking to do grooming and pet sitting, your love for pet and animal care can earn you money in retirement. You can take care of pets and animals when their owners have gone to work or when they are on vacation or on business trip. You can also feed, clean, water, give medicine, or bathe animals and pets. You can be very good at doing jobs related to animal caretaking if you have had experience with your own pet. You can market yourself by posting flyers with your contact information and what you are ready to do at the local animal hospitals or pet stores. You can also market yourself online.

  • Gardener

Professionals usually hire out this skill set – gardening – and it pays well. If you are a passionate gardener, then you can be hired to help others landscape or maintain their gardens, bushes, trees and lawns. Gardening is a physical job. So, make sure you get 2020 Medicare Supplement Plans found https://www.medisupps.com/medicare-supplement-plans-2020/ still have the energy to do it.

  • Tutor

Tutoring is a great way to make money and boost your income in retirement. If you used to tutor in a test preparation or in a particular subject, then you can tutor students online or go to local children’s home, or take a job with a tutoring company. Most retirees prefer tutoring online because they can always work from the comfort of their own homes, or from wherever they are. You can even go on a vacation and still tutor from there.

  • Rent out your house or share your space

Many people tend to travel a lot during their retirement years. If you also travel a lot, and you live in a big city or town, then you can make money by renting out your house during the months that you are away. You can also rent out guest houses or extra rooms to travelers on a vacation rental site. For instance, if you are going to be away on vacation somewhere for the whole winter or summer, then why don’t you rent out your house so that you can make some money as you are away enjoying your twilight years?

How Can Modern Technology Help Fix Common Issues and Ensure Better Safety for Seniors?

How Can Modern Technology Help Fix Common Issues and Ensure Better Safety for Seniors?

Poor eyesight

Large watches with large numbers, special phones “for grandmothers” with large buttons and large print are all well known. But modern technologies make it possible to dial a number using a voice, whereas e-books with Text-to-speech technology can help diversify leisure activities for an elderly person.

Bad hearing

Hearing aids are not everything, and they can not help everyone. And again modern technologies come to the rescue. Fitness bracelets are not only fashionable toys for young people. Connected to mobile, they vibrate when an incoming call or SMS arrives on the device. A doorbell can be replaced with a special “smart” wireless device which can transmit a signal to the mobile phone. However, young family members will have to tune all these smart systems.

Kitchen safety

Older people often complain of weakness and problems with holding objects – in the kitchen, it can be very dangerous. A special bending stand for the kettle allows you to pour hot liquid from the kettle without being afraid to drop it from your hands and burn yourself.

A cutting board for one-handed use is useful regardless of whether both limbs function equally well or not. By the way, you can also find special boards with clips in which you can fasten and quietly open the cans with a screw cap without worrying that it slips out of your hands and breaks.

Problems with taking medication

Older people are constantly forced to take a lot of pills. Elderly people are also likely to forget the time to take their medications. If a medication is taken in an inadequate amount by the elderly, it can badly harm the already not perfect health of the senior. Plastic pill boxes are relatively inexpensive, and, depending on the design, allow you to split drugs not only for breakfast, lunch, and dinner but also by day. More “advanced” devices can beep when it is the right time to take pills and give a suitable set of medicines.

Sanitary facilities

For this, you can arrange the handrails on the walls of the toilet so that the elderly person can comfortably use them. Also, a special toilet nozzle with handrails can make the process easier for the elderly.

Many older people often have to get up at night due to kidney disease, bladder or prostate adenoma. If going to the toilet at night turns into a test, a portable bio-toilet or a special sanitary chair can help. Their prices are about the same, so personal considerations may come into play.

About Medigap: Are you a senior who’s 65 & over and residing in the US? Check out 2020 Medicare advantage plans comparison found http://www.medicareadvantageplans2020.org which cover expenses like copay as well as deductible.

Fitness tips for those who are old adults and travelling:

Fitness tips for those who are old adults and travelling:

Older adults should plan their trip very well, taking into account not only the final destination but also the itinerary and the risks present in each place. It is advisable to make planned trips, preferably on tour, all-inclusive hotels or cruises where recreational activities or walks are group and meals are planned. In this type of trips, in addition, baggage handling, transportation, mobility, medical assistance and adequate rest are often assured which reduces the risk compared to an independent and adventure trip.

Fitness for the trip:

It is necessary for the older adult to consult with his or her primary care physician to carry out a checkup and evaluate his or her health before the trip, especially if during the trip he is going to carry out activities that require unusual physical effort. In addition, you must consult a traveler’s medical service to carry out appropriate advice before traveling. This consultation must be done well in advance to be able to indicate the prevention measures. Ideally, it should be done at least 4-6 weeks before the departure date.

An individualized risk assessment must be carried out that takes into consideration the exact location of the trip, the itinerary and individual factors of the traveler. Special attention should be given to immunizations, prevention of malaria and traveler’s diarrhea. Do not forget that the appropriate behavior of the traveler can substantially reduce the risk of many specific health problems as well as those related to safety. Care guidelines, behavioral education, and self-management strategies should be provided.

Travelers with underlying illnesses should be aware that the entire trip can have risks even when traveling on trains, buses, taxis or several hours in waiting areas in different terminals. When the trip is by plane, the main concerns are the exacerbations of chronic medical problems due to changes in air pressure and humidity. The Aerospace Medical Association (USA) and https://www.medicaresupplementplans2020.com/publishes guidelines for pre-flight medical assessment and people with the following cardiovascular conditions have a contraindication to air travel:

•    Myocardial infarction 2 weeks before.

•    Complicated myocardial infarction within the previous 6 weeks.

•    Coronary artery bypass (by-pass) within two weeks before the flight.

•    Uncontrolled hypertension.

•    Coronary revascularization surgery 10-14 days before.

•     Symptomatic severe valvular heart disease.

Other conditions in which air travel is contraindicated are:

•    Any active contagious disease.

•    Decompression sickness after diving.

•    Increased intracranial pressure due to hemorrhage, trauma or infection.

•    Infections of the sinuses, ears or nose, especially if the Eustachian tube is blocked.

•    Stroke (the time elapsed since the event depends on the severity of the illness and the duration of the trip)

•    Surgery or recent injury, especially abdominal trauma and gastrointestinal surgery.