Hi, we're The Replacements

My mother is home from Europe today, and my brother and sister are taking her and me out for dinner. My dad's still in Vancouver, but apparently he'll be back soon.

In other news, the city is abuzz for the Rolling Stones Concert for Toronto. Close to 500,000 people will be in attendence. The large majority, I assume, who probably haven't been to an outdoor concert in 30 years, if ever. I'd probably have gone if it were a weekend, but transportation issues alone don't seem too appealing.

That, or I'm just getting too old for that nonsense.

After 100 years, the majority of which he spent in the spotlight, Bob Hope has died.

Despite having to attend two parties, the weekend was pretty uneventful. I seem to be back to my old cd buying ways, having picked up the latest offerings from Fountains of Wayne and Lucinda Williams in addition to my Thursday purchases of They Might Be Giants' Then which is pretty enjoyable (I'll have to pick up Mink Car next I think), and The Fall's I Am Kurious, Oranj.

The problem with me and greatest hits discs, is that 90% of the time, I love them so much, I decide I need everything by the artist. I've been trolling Ebay for Jonathan Richman for about two years, ever since picking up Action Packed. My latest obsession seems to be Townes Van Zandt. I haven't made a bid yet, but I've been looking, that's for sure.

Nearly all the recommendations you people made a few weeks ago have been downloaded. Unfortunately I sent them to my home computer, and now my soundcard isn't working - so I'll have to get some cd-rw's and burn them to cd so I can listen to them on my dvd player.