I just wish it would stop

Now Neil Diamond is coming, and I just wish it would stop. These artists are relentless with their touring. That being said, I've had my paycheque sitting in my car for the past week and a half - I should probably deposit it before I get the next one.

Well, everyone's updating it seems. Why wasn't I told. A couple more I've noticed so far this morning:

Girl Sets Fire and Pop Book strut there stuff. I need to update my Links section soon.

What better way to start your Thursday then to check out Kate's new site/domain at thrown askew. It's still a work in progress, but so far so good.

Funeral home visitation was not as dour as I expected it to be. Family was obviously pretty upset. Cliches such as "it doesn't seem real" were uttered, of course. Apparently the aforementioned "condition" had nothing to do with her death, and the death was completely unexpected. It was an open casket, and she was wearing a wedding dress. Apparently it's tradition. We didn't stay very long.

Ben Kweller is addictive.

Long weekends are wonderful. I spent this one doing pretty much nothing. Watched Waking Life Friday, and went out Saturday night, but other than heading to the video store on Sunday (to pick up Mulholland Dr.), and heading back on Monday to return it - things were pretty low key. A few friends went camping, but I passed on account of the cold weather.

Found out yesterday that R's younger sister passed away on the weekend. I'd never met her before - and didn't even realize she had a younger sister till a few months ago. Apparently she always had 'some condition'. There's a wake-like thing today. Not sure on her exact age, but I'm guessing she was only 18.

When I was in high school a friend worked in bookstore, and she'd often bring me books with their covers torn off. She brought me a book written by Fabio, which was quite atrocious. He used the term "turgent nipple" pretty much every ten pages. After watching Star Wars 2 last night I'd still say that Fabio had a better command of dialogue (especially romantic dialogue) than George Lucas. There were parts of the movie that were so bad I actually laughed out loud. Considering it takes a fair bit to make me smile, let alone laugh - this is really saying something.

I won't say the movie was horrible, the story was good - and some of the action scenes were pretty good as well, but Lucas really needs to get someone else to write his screenplays. Spider-man's the best blockbuster I've seen over the past few summers. They showed a preview for The Matrix sequels, which look pretty compelling. Hopefully Minority Report and The Bourne Identity are successful. I read The Bourne Identity a little while ago - and it was pretty dissapointing, but the movie looks good.

Josh Rouse is coming July 11th. I've seen him as an opener twice before, but I didn't really pay much attention at the time.

Tonight I'm going to see Star Wars 2: Attack of the Clones, as is typical of any 20-something person (male?), I suppose. I borrowed Phantom Menace from a friend yesterday - having not seen it since it was in the theatre. It was worse than I remembered (although my memories of it were not that horrific to start with). I hope the dialogue doesn't sound quite as bland in this one.

The long weekend is fast approaching. I'm still working on freelance stuff, so I'll be doing that instead of camping, or other long weekend type things.

I was having trouble picking out what I wanted to listen to today, both in the car and at work. As I was getting in my car, a delivery guy showed up with my MyMusic order and alleviated all my problems. Newly added to the cd collection are:

The Walkmen - Everyone Who Pretended To Like Me Is Gone