Some Drilling Implied

And like that.... gone

Anyone know where the Divestar girls have taken off to? It's been a month since their last post. I hope it wasn't bad mexican.

I'm 'working from home' this morning, as my air conditioner gets installed. Facing a summer without it, was not something I was looking forward to - although the way our June has been so far, I might not have anything to worry about. Today is mighty nice, though. It just occured to me now, that I should really bike to work this afternoon - but time could be a factor. Depending on how long it takes to install the A/C.

I'm hoping to watch Comedian tonight, avec M. and J. We might even watch it at my house, which means I should probably buy some beverages and some popcorn (now that I have a microwave, and all).

In An Explosion of Table Legs and Trays

Apparently they've released a 2 disc episode DVD of Trading Spaces. Where was I on this one? I'm still eager to see the infamous "hay-on-the-walls" episode. Here's an article on a few people who had some bad experiences.

I've been cable-less for a few months now, so I haven't really kept up with TS. I can get the channel, but the sound doesn't come in - and they don't seem to have Closed Captioning, so I go without.