I Can't Help Myself

A few things on the horizon that might end up being pretty interesting. First up is Edgefest which I might actually attend this year. The Tragically Hip and Our Lady Peace normally put on a good live show. And I haven't seen OLP in a long while. Sloan have never impressed me live, but I hear they're hit & miss - maybe fourth (or is it fifth? sixth?) time's the charm.

I didn't think there was anything I needed to look forward to cd-wise, but I was wrong. Danny Michel releases "Tales from the Invisible Man" on August 19th. Josh Rouse drops "1972" on August 26th. The same day Outkast release "Below" (which I know nothing about - it might just be a single). Hawksley Workman releases Lover/Fighter on September 9th.

Upcoming releases by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Death Cab For Cutie, and Elvis Costello might find themselves on my shelves eventually too.

And let's not forget this past Tuesday's release of Mark Eitzel's "The Ugly American".

The kind of picture that makes you sigh.

I finally got to see Pirates of the Caribbean. Keira Knightley sure is pretty. Johnny Depp was great, but overall I was a little underwhelmed. I think I went in hearing so many good things that I ruined it for myself. Still a good movie, but a slight dissapointment. It was good to see Sh. again. She's moving to Denver in August, so I figure I should get in as much time as possible with her. Her going away party is Saturday, so I'll see her then too.

Also filed under "Finally": I finally got to meet S.'s girl at lunch. It was her 2 month birthday - and she slept the whole time, but she was quite cute.

And, finally, I finally finished listening to all of the assorted mp3s on my work computer. I'd been funneling the keepers to my home computer through ICQ while I listened and I can now safely delete the remainder and start downloading again.

Be on my side I'll be on your side

Pretty tired today. Was out late (for me) last night, watching Frank's band, Lake Holiday, play in the big city. The openers, Elephant Micah were too slow for some of the people I was with, but I liked them well enough to pick up a cd.

After two aborted attempts, I'm hoping to catch Pirates of the Caribbean tonight. I'm not holding my breath, though.

Good To See You

Greetings citizens of earth. I trust everyone had a good weekend? Saturday they finally painted my door, which meant I spent most of the day sitting around the house waiting for it to dry - since the door had to be left ajar. In the evening, Al. picked me up and we headed to the James Taylor show. I was already a little upset that I'd be missing the final Dismemberment Plan show, so I was going to be mightily dissapointed if James wasn't great live. Thankfully, I wasn't dissapointed. Playing for about 3 hours (with 3 encores, and a brief intermission bringing the actual set time down to about 2.5 hours), he worked through the majority of his hits and a small handful of tunes from last year's (sub-par) "October Road", plus two new songs. The audience was very much into him, and he revealed himself to be quite the comedian (although the jokes were more lame than funny - although the crowd was quite receptive). He also overdid the "thing where we include the name of the city we're playing in different parts of our songs", but it wasn't too bad. He was also quite generous with the fans up front - shaking hands and signing autographs before and after each of the encores. It was nice to see him being so appreciative. After playing the same songs for the past 30 years or so, I wouldn't blame him if he just played his set and headed backstage.